Webalo 5.0 is now generally available

This week we announced the launch of Webalo 5.0 -- the latest version our transformative, no-code app generation platform.

Webalo 5.0 Announcement 

Webalo 5.0 includes many new features specifically designed to

  • increase business productivity,
  • improve operational efficiency,
  • accelerate time to market and
  • improve customer and workforce satisfaction.

Webalo 5.0 extends our leadership in the industrial market, with specific features designed to support frontline workers in manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Energy, mining, transportation and other industrial segments, including: 

  • Powerful “Connect & Deploy” no-code app delivery capability that provides end users with the ability to easily generate new applications in an ad hoc, drag and drop manner, directly from their Webalo Desktop Client.
  • Tighter integration with industrial data sources such as Historian databases and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).
  • User-managed editors to create and modify trend charts, with out-of-the-box Historian services - Allowing frontline workers to modify the way they request and display Historian tag values by selecting a Historian sampling mode from a drop-down menu, and then configuring the options that appear for that node.
  • Automatically-generated tasks and actionable visualizations to operate over MES asset hierarchies and Historian tags that makes the data more actionable and visible to all stakeholders.
  • Contextualized dashboards that provide embedded asset hierarchy, selectable timeframes and custom user inputs.
  • Actionable visualizations are now defined at the individual user level, providing frontline workers with the flexibility to create their own custom views of apps and share them with their co-workers.
  • Enhanced workflow management empowers frontline workers in a more intelligent way, with multiple visualizations of the same task using different parameters.
  • PDF report generation providing a new way of sharing data interactively with co-workers.
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