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The User Experience Platform for the Frontline Workforce - Certification Training Lab: KPIs, Dashboards and Charts

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Webalo, the user experience platform for the frontline workforce that enables digital transformations of workforce productivity in industrial businesses. Webalo provides the app generation infrastructure for companies to transform into User First™ organizations, where each user has just the information they need, on their device, to help them get their job done. Webalo automatically generates dynamic persona-based apps directly from Predix service endpoints, other GE Digital industrial products and enterprise applications.

The objective of this certification lab is to provide hands-on training with Webalo. The user will learn how to generate, deploy and interact with dynamic apps that access industrial and enterprise data sources with a particular focus on simple, personalized ways to visualize information through KPIs, Dashboards and Charts.

Here is a summary of the topics covered in this lab.

  1. Overview of Webalo platform
  2. Webalo Administrative Website Orientation
    1. Setting up your administrator account
    2. Using the agenda and activity panes
    3. Getting additional training
  3. Webalo Mobile Client Orientation
    1. Launching the client
    2. Setting up mobile access
    3. Application synchronization
  4. Setting up Data Connectors
    1. Configuring a Database Connection to a SQL DB or OLEDB Data Source
    2. Configuring a REST Service Connection
  5. Generating apps that access data using RESTful services
    1. Service configuration
    2. KPI configuration
    3. Linking tasks to orchestrate data and create workflows
    4. Deploying to devices
  6. Generating apps that access apps and data from SQL Data sources
    1. Configuring the Database query
    2. Using input parameters
    3. Formatting outputs
    4. Linking tasks to orchestrate data and create workflows
    5. Deploying to devices
  7. Charting result sets
    1. Configuration
    2. Drilldown
  8. Generating dashboards
    1. KPI Dashboards
    2. Chart Dashboards
    3. Editing Dashboard Content


  • Mobile device with Webalo Client installed
  • Laptop with Internet Browser to access Webalo Administrative Website
  • Webalo Account Credentials
  • You will need a copy of the Reliability-by-Machine.xlsx to complete exercise 6


  • Access Predix app and access plant data and asset model.
  • Generate charts and KPIs
  • Generate a mobile dashboard
  • Access a SQL database of plant locations and generate map view
  • Access a SQL database that returns plant, line and equipment assets
  • Generate an app that views notifications through a RESTful web service
  • Take advantage of the Webalo UX by connecting to an excel document

We estimate that you will need about 1.5 hours of Lab time to work through the hands-on exercises.


Technical support for this training lab may be obtained by sending an email to support@webalo.com.


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