Display Parameterized MES KPI Dashboard on a Large Screen Display

A manufacturer of snack food products has 8 production lines running 7x24xx365.  Management wanted to share real time production KPI information on a large screen TV displays at couple of locations in the plant. Data is recorded in a GE Plant Apps MES system.   

The solution was configured in Webalo as follows:

  • A SQL database connector was configured and connected to GE Plant Apps.   
  • The required KPI data was obtained by running a stored procedure against the MES database.
  • The stored procedure requests the line number as a parameter and subsequently grabbed the relevant 6 KPIs 
  • The KPIs were configured to be color coded to display appropriate ranges. The were set to update 1x per minute.
  • A parameterized dashboard was created in a Workspace and the KPI Task was dragged onto the Parameterized Dashboard. 
  • When the parameter was selected, the KPI widgets were configured to show tiles instead of dials or gauges. 
  • The dashboard was stretched vertically to present in a vertically oriented stripe.
  • Each of the 8 dashboards were saved as a single public workspace so the same workspace could be deployed to all uses in the the displays group.

The large screen displays were configured with a small fanless PC able to run a Chrome browser. Webalo Desktop client was loaded into the browser. 

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