Front Line Worker - Truck Inspection // Inventory Control

When trucks enter the delivery bay at one of our customers facilities a series of events need to occur before the product can be added to inventory.  The process existed as a paper/manual one for many years but that process was slow, prone to errors and slowed production when materials were not ready.  Webalo was able to transform the process into a digital one.  Below are the steps followed by a few screenshots of the actual application.  

  • A truck enters the delivery bay with product to be delivered.
  • An internal system records that a truck is present.
  • Webalo, running on an FLW's device gets a notification that a new truck has arrived based on the internal system above.
  • By clicking on the notification (as a notification or an email) the FLW is taken to the task within Webalo to address the alert.
  • Once the FLW arrives at the truck bay they scan a bar code on the truck using Webalo to bring up relevant information about the vehicle and the expected delivery.
  • The FLW continues to complete a checklist within Webalo to inspect the truck and the contents
  • If needed, the FLW can pull up SOP document to ensure he/she completes the inspection properly.
  • If there are damaged containers the FLW can capture photos of the damage within the Webalo app.
  • Supervisors then review the inspection and decide whether to accept or reject the shipment.  
  • Supervisors then sign off on the report and the workflow either continues to the unloading process or it is processed for further inspection or the material is rejected and sent back to the provider.


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