Mobile Client Login Issues

Webalo Mobile Client Login Issues

Webalo login on my mobile IOS device fails even while showing 4 bars of cellular connectivity.  I am certain my credentials are correct.

You may have inadvertently shut off cellular networking for the Webalo App.   If W-Fi is available, test the credentials to make sure they work.  If they do, shut off Wi-Fi  and  fix the problem by going into IOS device Settings  and scroll down to the applications section. Find Webalo app and check the setting for Cellular Data.  Turn this setting ON.  

Webalo login on my mobile device fails after numerous attempts without producing an error.  I am seeing  a spinner or messages stating Refreshing alternating with Authenticating over and over.

There are many reasons why this could happen.  The most obvious one of having the wrong password will produce an error dialog if it is the only error, so it is likely that this is not the case, nevertheless reenter your password correctly to eliminate this possibility.  It is more likely that the Username is incorrect.   Check the spelling of the username. If Username /roles are being used, make sure that the role is included as part of the login.  Check the ServerName and make sure that you have put the the fully qualified hostname in the box and that you are not using any protocol like https:// in front of the hostname.  Then tap on the top context menu to and select Advanced Settings to examine Connection.  Select HTTPS Only.  It is possible that your location does not support TCP for connections. 

I am unable to Cancel my login to a native mobile Webalo Client  by tapping the Cancel button at the bottom of the login screen.

Cancel button will work if you decide to cancel within  5-10 seconds of the login attempt. After that you may not be able to cancel. In that case, kill the Webalo app and relaunch Webalo. If you suspect that there are issues with your credentials and need to adjust them,  tap the cancel button within 5-10 seconds of the login attempt and you will return to the options screen and can make the desired edits.

Login to Webalo Client succeeds but the home screen is blank (white) or you get a message that "No content is available"

The most likely reason is that your Webalo administrator has not deployed any applications to you or your Username or a Group that you are a member of. Please contact your Webalo Administrator.  Alternatively, you may not be in the correct default content domain and have been placed in a different domain with no published content.  Your Webalo Administrator can easily correct the setting for your default domain.

My Webalo installation is synchronized with Active Directory (AD) or LDAP. I've been told I can login to Webalo Client with my short username but the login fails.

It is possible that: 1) Your AD configuration is not complete and the AD synchronization step failed. Your Webalo Administrator can check to see if the user synchronization failed and work with the AD administrator to make sure all relevant information is in the AD record.  2) The External Directory Configuration form is not complete.  For AD configurations, check to see see if the  Optional Default Domain Suffix is configured with the the proper domain suffix.  For example if you login as then the Default Domain Suffix needs to be in order for shortname logins i.e. "Ron.Wood"to work properly.     

My Webalo installation is synchronized with Active Directory (AD) or LDAP. I've been told I can login to Webalo Client with a login of the form Is this correct? My email address is normally

This is correct. Users synchronized from AD or LDAP will have a % in their login name replacing the @ sign.  This enables Webalo to simultaneously support AD synchronized users and local users.  If your Administrator has entered a Default Domain Suffix in the External Directory Configuration Form, you will also be able to login with just the shortname.

Webalo Administrative Website Login Issues

I am unable to login to the Administrative Website with my login credentials. 

The most likely issue is that your login credentials are "End User" login credentials and not one of the three levels of administrator roles: System Administrator, Account Administrator or User Administrator.

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