Network Configuration - FQDN capitalization producces "too many redirects message" upon AW login

This is an uncommon error that typically stems from a cut and paste of a name of an appliance that uses capital letters.

For example your IT director names your appliance  INYCWEBAP01 for your domain at IP address

When configuring the network for your appliance in the AAI you copy and paste this information as the fully qualified domain name of the appliance and assign it the

Since you didn't have a certificate yet you generate a self signed certificate for the name of the appliance and you get an SSL cert signed by

In Appliance versions prior to 5.3.3 this configuration causes the "Too Many Redirects" message to appear when you try to 

login to the AW, despite the fact that you can successfully login to the AAI and the WebUA client with the URLs  and respectively. 

If you open the developer tools in the browser and look in the network tab you will see a cascade of 302 errors appear until the Too Many Redirects message occurs.  The problem is caused in the way Webalo handles testing of the FQDN with capitals  and the URL redirection mechanism in the AW between the IP address and the FQDN 

This problem is readily fixed by adjusting the AAI configuration.  All you need to do is to rename the appliance FQDN in all lower case letters. regenerate the certificate and reboot.  You will be able to login in to the AW as expected.

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