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StartNow! gives us access to forms in Webalo which is a very simple function to use. However, I am interested in knowing more and using more features that Webalo has to offer. How can I do that? 


You can learn more about Webalo StartNow!, Webalo Workforce and Webalo Enterprise on our website at alternatively contact


Can I also get a trial version for the full Webalo functionality?


StartNow! Is a  subscription offering that is offered free and forever.  You may upgrade your subscription to Webalo Workforce or Weblo Enterprise which are paid subscription offerings. Trial versions are not available.


Do you offer more tiers of the product?


Yes. Webalo Workforce and Weblo Enterprise are paid subscription offerings that provide greater functionality. Please see ‘Pricing’ on the website for more product information.


How can I update from the StartNow! version if I like the product?


Please contact


If I upgrade from the StartNow!l version will I still be able to see my old forms?


Yes you will be able to see or export your old forms to Webalo Workforce and Webalo Enterprise.


If my StartNow! account expires will I still be able to access my account?


StartNow! does not expire so you will have access to your account.


Can I use StartNow! offline?


StartNow! Is a cloud-based, Forms created in StartNow! can currently only be used online.


How do I check and manage my subscription/account?


Please contact


I have questions about StartNow! features and errors. Whom do I contact?


Webalo Client Services Team is available  help you be successful. If your questions are not answered on the or websites and discussion groups, please contact


How many forms can I create in the StartNow! trial version?


 You may create as many forms as you would like in StartNow!  There is no limit imposed.


Can I export the data filled via the forms?


The data captured in your forms is viewable with the StartNow! Reports feature.  You will be able to export your form data with an upgrade to Webalo Workforce and Webalo Enterprise.


How long will my trial version last?


StartNow! has no end date.


Can I use StartNow! in another language?


At this time, StartNow! is only offered in English. 


I created my form but I cannot deploy it. I can't seem to understand what is the problem as there is no error message on screen. What should i do? 


We are sorry you are having this problem.  Simply scroll up the form to look for error messages in red within the specific widget. If this does not resolve your question please contact Webalo Support.


 How do I cancel my account?


Just contact and we will cancel your subscription and all associated data.


What browsers do you support?


StartNow! Is supported on commercial browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge Chromium.


What Mobile clients do you support?


StartNow! Can be used onMobile devices by downloading the Webalo Client from Apple App Store and Google Play.  Webalo native mobile clients run on Android and IOS operating systems.




Can I use my personal email to try StartNow!?


You may use your company or corporate email or an email associated with a personal domain.  Currently, StartNow! Does not accept email addresses from


Can I get more time with StartNow!. I have finished my trial but I am interested to work with it some more?

StartNow! has no end date, please contact Webalo support if your account is no longer working.


I forgot my password, how can I reset my password? (email support etc)


Please contact


QR Code

Why do I have to use a QR code to see my forms on the Mobile device? 


The QR Code allows for easy launching of the Webalo Client App and logs the user into the account automatically. StartNow! provides a scannable QR code to simplify the ability to login to your mobile device for the first time.  If you have a QR reader built into your device’s OS then just open the camera, point it at the QR code and you will get a device notification to open Webalo pre-filled with your selected credentials.  It is that easy. No typing. If you would rather do this manually, just follow the instructions under the Learn More link.


 I have an Android and my QR code doesn't always work. Is there a workaround for that?


 Not all devices with Android OS have a built in QR code reader as part of the camera functionality.  Many third party QR codes available on Google Play  will provide the desired functionality. Please select, download and install one of your choosing. You may use this QR reader to launch your mobile client. If you would rather do this manually, just follow the instructions under the Learn More link.




I have trouble scrolling up past the signature block? Is there a way to finesse that.


Yes there is. If you scroll at the edge of the screen you should easily get past the signature field.




My Photo is taking a long time to upload. What can I do? 


Photo upload speed is dependent on the size of the photo. Modern cameras often take photos with 10’s of megapixels that are 6 to 20 MB in size.  If your camera generates photos of this size  you can save them first to the photo gallery app then choose to upload them at a reduced resolution.  The smaller the photo the faster it will upload.   In general, if you are using forms with photo upload make sure your WiFi is on and has lots of bars  of connectivity for the best results.  In cases where only 4G is available or the WiFi is weak, your photo may not upload properly.


When I try to upload my photo from my mobile, it gives me an error, Cannot Upload to Server. How can I upload my photos in this case?


See the answer to the previous question.   If your camera generates photos of large size you can save them first to the photo gallery app then choose to upload them at a reduced resolution.  


I selected a photo that was in Portrait layout but after attaching it appears in landscape?


There is a known issue in loading photos from the gallery which rotates some photos 90 degrees.  Rest assured that we will be fixing that shortly.




I have encountered an error while using StartNow! but the message is hard to interpret. How can I get help?


Just contact and we will help you understand the message.

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