Webalo 6.0 Forms Editor and Workflow Designer Workshop

This workshop training guide provides you with the materials you will need to successfully conduct and complete a Webalo 6.0 Forms and Workflows workshop. The workshop provides practical training of how to use the Webalo Forms and Workflow packages in the context of Webalo 6.0 Enterprise.  You will learn how to easily:

  • Configure a new form for data capture.
  • Configure a new form that provides long formatted step-by-step instructions with full multimedia support.
  • Draw your workflow diagram with BPMN symbology and activate it for execution in the Workflow engine.
  • Link your forms as tasks into the executable workflow.
  • Add decision gateways into the workflow and set the test criteria.
  • Pass data from one task to another
  • Send and receive messages from one user group to another as the workflow progresses.
  • Set up an approval process by a Supervisor for forms that are submitted by connected Technicians.
  • Run your workflow on desktop and on mobile clients.

Download these Supporting Files for Workshop

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